For many people an early morning workout is a routine because it’s the only time they’ve got; others will feel better working out first thing in the morning. It can be a mad rush in the morning. It can be difficult to find out what to eat before your morning workout when you’re in a pinch. You may not get hungry in the morning or feel like you’ve got time to eat. However, before a morning workout, there’s a good reason why you should think about what to eat.

Why It’s Important to Eat Before Morning Workout:

Some people swear by exercising on an empty stomach. Others believe that you should have a decent meal before you do anything. But what does science recommend, about working out after eating? Studies support the premise that before any workout, you should eat.

However, it’s not advisable to go to the gym. Straight after a meal;   you want to give your body the chance to digest the food for a least an hour. You may want to miss a hearty breakfast as well. Heavy foods lead to feeling bloated, or after a workout, you can even get sick. Instead, light breakfasts or sports drinks are preferred. It is recommended that large meals be consumed about three hours before a workout and small meals or snacks about an hour before. This means that you don’t feel tired and gives you the stamina you need to complete your workout.

How eating will improve your workout:

Research doesn’t just talk about having breakfast. Some studies show eating before and after workouts fuel the body and support muscle recovery. Drinking or eating carbohydrates and consuming health products before exercise enhances overall efficiency. It can encourage you to exercise at higher intensities and for longer periods. Not eating will make you sluggish or lightheaded. This depends on the last time you slept and of course, ate. For example, you may be someone who goes to bed late but gets up early or you may eat a full meal before bed and not be hungry when you get up.

Breakfast of Champions:

Breakfast choices are endless. But you want to start with the good nutrition, not just foods that just taste fine. Here is a list of tasty yet safe breakfast options that offer energy to your workouts and won’t weigh you down:

  • Fruit – Fruits are easily digestible, provide food, and are perfect for those who do not normally eat breakfast.
  • Smoothies – Smoothies are very convenient. You may mix fruit and vegetables, milk, protein powder, almond butter, or chia-like seeds.
  • Energy Bowls – Energy bowls have a similar approach to a smoothie, except that you sit down to eat them. They can include nuts, seeds and mixed fruits or vegetables.
  • Greek or plain yogurt-Yogurts, particularly Greek or plain yoghurts, are high in protein, probiotics and calcium.
  • Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a classic staple. It’s filled with carbohydrates and fibre. They’re both going to offer a big boost of energy. You could even add berries, nuts, or milk for even more juice.
  • Eggs – The possibilities of eggs are endless. You can have them separate, add cheese, or add vegetables like peppers to your diet. Couple the eggs with toast or the English muffin with a fast sandwich.
  • Energy bites – Energy bites are full of fibre, protein and fat to keep you happy longer. You may make them with peanut butter, walnuts, linseeds, cashews or almonds.
  • Homemade muffins – Muffins may seem like an unhealthy, tasty snack, but they’re perfect for long workouts. They’ve got fibre and they’re rich in carbs. You can also add some berries or nuts to them for an energy bonus.
  • Homemade pancakes – Homemade pancakes are a great source of grain and carbohydrates to fuel your workout. For extra boosts, you can add fruit or nut butter. Make sure you’re not going crazy with your portion size, as they can be a little heavy on the side.
  • Toast – Toasts can seem dull or simple, but they are flexible. Toast is easy on your stomach, fast, and you can add a ton of options like avocado, sweet potato, or jam.

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It doesn’t have to be difficult to know what to eat before the morning workout. You don’t even have to sacrifice your time. Although you might not be hungry when you wake up first it’s a good idea to try to eat at least a small meal before you exercise.

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