If you were a fan of the sitcom FRIENDS, you should remember the episode Chandler falls asleep in a Meeting. During this meeting, they transfer him to Tulsa and have to explain this predicament to his wife. He struggles to sell the prospect of moving to Tulsa and ends up moving alone. Fortunately, things are different since those days, Tulsa is now such an amazing place to live.

I took the Plunge…

Three years ago, I made the decision to move to Tulsa. I can’t imagine a better area to live in without sacrificing perfect features. Tulsa has a little bit of everything for everyone. Here are ten reasons why you should move to Tulsa.

If you’re thinking about it or looking for your next adventure; Ten Reasons to Move to Tulsa:

1. Big City with Small Town Feel

Tulsa is a large city with a population of little over a million people in the metropolitan region. It does have the features of a tiny town. People are friendly and hospitable. This is the opposite of the perception of city dwellers who are cold and isolated. Around ten o’clock in the evening, traffic begins to thin out. You will rarely have someone honk at you or rushed while driving. All you have to do is cross the river from downtown Tulsa, and the gorgeous rural scenery will surround you. Tulsa has all the modern conveniences of a big metropolis. Stores stay open much later and are open seven days a week.

2. Sense of belonging

Another small-town feature is the city’s sense of community. I’ve never lived in a location where people appreciate one other so much. This is regardless of their differences. The neighborhood is so close-knit that it feels like you’re part of one giant family. This makes it much easier for newcomers to integrate. One of the most common concerns when moving to a new place is settling in. You can rest assured that the community will make you feel at ease.

3. Low Living Costs

One of the best reasons to move to Tulsa is the city’s unbelievable low prices…on everything. The low cost of living in Tulsa is well-known. Since Oklahoma is an oil state, it produces a lot of it, fuel prices are low. And there is room to grow, housing is inexpensive. Because the economy is booming meaning there is healthy completion throughout the market. This makes the cost of living cheaper as food and shopping are affordable.

4. There are many job opportunities

People can afford to spend more because of the low cost of living. This allows firms to create more and provide lower rates. It’s a lovely circle of consumerism and capitalism working together. It keeps the prices low for consumers and company owners. The low cost of living not only draws people but also invites large corporations. They are free to establish headquarters and branches within its’ borders.

5. All Entrepreneurs are welcome

Take heed, entrepreneurs. Oklahoma makes it simple to start a business and provides a slew of tax breaks and incentives. There are many niches in Tulsa that you could fit into. Entrepreneurship is prevalent. If you can’t find your niche, establish one and watch it grow. Tulsa is a state to consider for your future investment if you’re an investor. Not only are there plenty of startups to invest in, but the real estate market is also booming.

6. Ideal for the Whole Family

Tulsa’s family atmosphere is a key reason to think about moving there. It has something for everyone. Tulsa and its neighboring communities offer superb school systems. There are plenty of youth activities. There is also affordable pricing on family-sized residences. Groceries and healthcare are at a low cost.

Tulsa provides a variety of family-friendly day outings. The Tulsa Zoo is immaculate, and the animals are well-kept. The Philbrook Art Museum and the Tulsa Air & Space Museum are just two of the many museums in the area. During the summer, there are usually several family-friendly festivals.

7. Diversity

When I first arrived in Tulsa, I saw how diverse the city was. Diverse isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind when people think of the Midwest. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting wonderful folks from all over the world. I’m not sure how people from all over the world get up here, but it’s a fantastic location to live. If you want a taste of diverse cultures, you don’t have to travel far. Many local businesses, restaurants, and events dedicate bringing their culture to Tulsa residents.

8. Sports & Recreation

Several gorgeous lakes are just outside of Tulsa. This is where most locals will spend their summer weekends. At Chandler Park, where there are natural rock formations, people are free to climb. Are you a sports fan? Tulsa is where you should be. You can either attend a Tulsa Drillers baseball game or a Tulsa Oilers hockey game. When it comes to football, you can only root for the Sooners…and only the Sooners. I’ve also noticed that the high school teams are fiercely competitive here. The locals state their preferences. Tulsa is, without a doubt, the place to be if you’re a sports lover.

9. Entertainment

Another reason to move to Tulsa is to take advantage of the city’s thriving entertainment industry. This is another industry that is benefiting from some fantastic Oklahoma incentives. Local musicians in Tulsa are the greatest, and you can see them at clubs and festivals all across town. Tulsa also has the BOK Center, The Vanguard, and Cain’s Ballroom. These are all notable venues for big-named singers. Almost every weekend, there is a concert to attend.

10. The Climate

Tulsa has year-round sunshine. Winters are warm, with a few ice storms, although snow is uncommon. Summers are hot and humid, but not quite as humid as Virginia’s swamps. Sure, tornado sirens go off now and then, but tornadoes are extremely infrequent. Tulsa is the place to be if you want to see a nice thunderstorm.

Last but not least

I hope this list has piqued your interest in Tulsa. It’s a fantastic area to live in. It has wonderful people, exciting activities, and many chances. It has something for everyone. From small-town residents to city dwellers, and it’s a terrific place to raise a family. Tulsa is the place to be if you want to enjoy simple city living. You can also get your hands dirty with the entrepreneur spectrum.

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