Minecraft has come a long way since it was released, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This is based on the fact that the population that plays Minecraft, according to a new report, is reaching record heights. In this report, 400 million out of the 600 million active players of the game are suggested to come from China. You could set up a Minecraft server so you can get the most benefits from playing this game since then you’ll be able to play in multiplayer mode easily. Have a look below to see three of the educational benefits your child could enjoy from playing Minecraft.

1. World Building Content

As a player of Minecraft, your child will have access to architectural elements and the ability to customize different worlds in the game. This gives them an opportunity to grow their imagination in a constructive way. They’re also going to interact with different people and can learn how to work together towards a common goal.

Since Minecraft is basically a blank canvas for the imagination, there’s no end to what your child can do. They can explore different areas, take on various challenges, and build absolutely anything their imagination allows them to build. Since it’s available on different platforms, you can be sure that there won’t be a reason why you can’t get involved in playing the game with your child. Simply access it on a platform that you can all access and get building!

2. Problem Solving

Before you can start to build amazing things in Minecraft, you must first find resources and figure out how you can craft tools, get food, and build a shelter to protect yourself from enemies and animals at night. This means that you’ll need to have a good grasp of problem-solving skills in order to get a favorable outcome. Thanks to its aforementioned nature of being a blank canvas, there are endless opportunities to learn the best ways to do something in order to progress in the game.

The critical skills developed by playing Minecraft can make subjects like math and others more interesting. This is because they’ll also feature in the game considerably, and they’ll be in a fun and easily-accessible package for your child. They may soon learn to associate different concepts that they encounter in the game with real life and get an amazing outcome as a result of doing so. To give your child the best experience, you may want to set up a Minecraft server for them as this will improve their gameplay considerably.

3. Systems Thinking

Last but not least, Minecraft fosters systems thinking in an easy and entertaining way. Systems thinking is working together with another person to solve a given problem. This could nurture bonds as your child will know that they can rely on someone to help them get past difficult situations. While this will be exemplified in the game, it can have far-reaching effects that shape your child’s attitude and future.

They may grow up with the ability to keep an open mind as far as solving problems go. They may know the right way to approach other people for help and also know how they can offer this help themselves. It’s common knowledge that people can get further and achieve more when they work together. This is something that could set your child up for a closer bond with you and the ability to thrive in different situations and environments.

There’s an opportunity for you as a parent to help your child benefit on an educational level from playing this game. You could play with them, giving you the opportunity to bond and have fun together. It’s easy enough for anyone who’s interested in it to learn, so set up a Minecraft server and offer a great opportunity for your child.

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