Parenting takes a lot of energy and dedication in order to do it right. This is in terms of a number of things, including making sure that you can provide for your children. That said, there are some jobs that might be more fulfilling for parents than others, and it’s a good idea to think about these. When you land one, you can secure your finances without risking things like burnout and job dissatisfaction. Take a look below to see three potentially fulfilling jobs that you can do as a parent and think about the one that you might want to apply for next.

1. Public Relations

As a public relations specialist, you’ll work towards promoting your clients to the public using various media and marketing strategies. There are many organizations that could use the services of a public relations specialist, from educational institutions to government agencies. This role is typically based on contracts, and this means that you can create the schedule that’s perfect for you. You can also take on the ideal number of clients depending on your abilities as well as the time that you have to spare.

As a public relations specialist for law enforcement, for instance, you might be tasked with finding creative ways to share information with the public. This may include facts such as that when body cameras in the Rialto, California Police Department were evaluated, they showed a 60% reduction in the use of force by police officers. To land a role as a public relations specialist, you may not be required to have a specific educational background.

2. Ride Sharing

If you find driving to be enjoyable, you can make money doing this by signing up for services like Uber, Amazon Flex, Lyft, Sidecar, and Roadie. You can fulfill your parenting responsibilities while also making an income by providing delivery services or lifts to move customers from one place to another. You could land an amazing role with a small business or other organization if you look for one, making your work a bit more permanent.

This is a possibility because some businesses will require the services of a driver to help them get supplies or products from one point to another. Driving is a popular way of moving items around when it’s an option, given the fact that it’s cheaper than air and faster than sea. On this, 70% of goods around the world are carried by sea while 52% of the world’s sea trade is actually supported by shipping containers, according to Discover Containers.

3. Web Development

This is one of the jobs that’s currently in extremely high demand, making it a great option if you know how to develop and manage websites. The digital movement is taking off, with more people leaving behind traditional methods of communication behind in favor of modern solutions. One of the reasons why this is the case is because it’s a lot faster and more efficient. It’s also very affordable, making it an attractive solution for businesses and individuals.

Concern for the state of the environment is another contributing factor, with more people trying to cut back on their reliance on natural resources. These efforts are paying off when you consider the fact that there were 119% more hardwood trees in 2007 than there were in 1953. This is accompanied by a growth-to-removal ratio of 2.00, according to the United States Forest Service. As a web developer, therefore, you have a great chance to keep finding work for a long time to come.

If any of these jobs spark your interest, consider looking for some opportunities online. Keep in mind that the best job to do alongside parenting is one that offers you flexibility so that you can cater to your child. Industries in which you’re most likely to find a fulfilling job are tech, customer service, and healthcare.

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