Having a child at any age requires constant care and the monitoring of their health. If your child is complaining about their ability to see clearly or if they’re having trouble learning while away at school, it might be time to schedule an appointment with a local optometrist. Seeing an eye doctor can help determine if your child’s eyes require special care, glasses, or even alternative solutions. Here are four signs to look out for.

1. They Express Difficulties With Learning and Reading

Myopia is an increasingly pervasive issue among schoolchildren and adults alike. Today, it’s estimated that approximately 9% of all school-aged children are suffering from some form or another of myopia. If your child returns home from school only to complain about difficulties when it comes to learning, reading, and even seeing the chalkboard, it might be time to schedule a routine eye exam. Conduct at-home eye tests to determine which areas your child may be struggling in most, as this can help provide additional details to optometrists once you’re in an office or clinic. With the uptick in the use of screens and computers, children are beginning to experience eye problems at even younger ages.

2. The Classroom They’re in Is Too Large

If you want your child to have more one-on-one attention anytime they’re away at school, you might want to consider a private institution as a viable solution. Smaller, private school classrooms typically have a student-to-teacher ratio of approximately 12:1. In some public classrooms, student-to-teacher ratios can range from 20:1 to more than 30:1, depending on your location. If you’re interested in ensuring your child has direct access to any of their teachers, you’ll need to become familiar with the public, charter, and private schools that are appropriate for their age and individual needs ahead of time.

3. They Have Difficulties Seeing Near or Far

If your child has difficulties seeing far or even close, they may require a more extensive eye exam. Finding the right program for your child can help facilitate their individual needs, especially when it comes to potential vision or auditory problems. For example, your child may be part of an IB program at their school. Such programs are intensive, so if your child is complaining about their eyesight, it’s in their best interest to get it checked out ASAP! You don’t want their education to be derailed because they’re struggling to read.

4. They Express Issues With Blurriness, Obstructions, and Irritation

Blurriness, irritation, and obstructions in your child’s line of sight are all indicators that they may require extensive eye exams, glasses, or in some cases, specialized treatment. When your child is having difficulties seeing without excessive obstructions or blurriness, you’ll want to contact a specialist optometrist or pediatric optometrist in your area for further guidance and examination. Working with the right optometrist will help you get to the root cause of any blurriness or irritation your child is currently experiencing in one or both of their eyes.

Understanding the most common signs your child is likely to exhibit when they need glasses can help you determine when it’s time to see a local eye doctor or optometrist. Communicating openly with your child and asking questions regarding their eyesight, especially when they’re away at school, can help you find the right eye care, glasses, or tests your child needs at the time at home and when they’re in a proper learning environment.

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