It’s important to plan for your wedding if you want to give it a chance of being memorable and generally amazing. If you’re unsure of how to go about doing this, remember that it starts with the budget. Here are five tips you can use for budgeting in order to have the perfect fall wedding.

1. Choose a Nice, Local Venue

The wedding venue is no doubt the most important part of your wedding, so you should prioritize finding one. This doesn’t mean that you must find an expensive venue, however, because it may not be worth the money you have to spend on it. Ensure that it matches the theme of your wedding closely enough that it won’t need a lot of decor to do so.

A local venue may also be easier for you and your guests to get to and from the wedding, potentially cutting down on transportation costs. You can rent limousines to take guests from the hotel to the venue, and with a nearby venue, these costs will be lower. Keep in mind that in the limousine industry, 40% of the revenue that’s generated involves weddings, parties, or high school events. Therefore, be sure to schedule your limo service as early as possible.

2. Set an Off-Peak Date

Another budgeting tip is to set an off-peak date. This may be unconventional but it will save you money because if there aren’t many people having an event when you have your wedding, things may be cheaper and easier to acquire or rent. Fall allows for a lot of creativity as far as weddings go, so don’t be shy about doing one more thing out of the ordinary. This may be a welcome relief for your wedding budget, keeping it manageable.

3. Think About the Decor

In fall, there are some flowers that are in bloom, and these should be the main ones you use for your wedding decor. This will be cheaper and easier for you and may give your wedding venue a unique and authentic feel. You could even minimize flowers and look for alternative decor so that you save some extra money while still getting an amazing venue.

To be safe, start your wedding budget with 8-10% of the total value dedicated to the florals regardless of what your wedding budget is. You can increase or decrease it accordingly from this point and tweak it to get the best outcome without straining your budget too much.

4. Keep it Simple

Another way to keep your wedding budget manageable is to keep things simple. This goes for everything, from the decor and catering options to the cake and transportation. Remember that the more unique anything is, the more likely it is to cost more, and this may leave you with fewer things than you needed and a depleted budget. Avoid this eventuality by cutting off a majority of the frills and focusing on what is most important to you and your partner rather than trying to appease your guests.

5. Explore All Options

Finally, don’t have any plans set in stone, but be ready to explore as many options as possible, as you may find something that you like that will work for you. Diamonds, which rank 10 on the Mohs scale and are the strongest mineral on earth as well as the world’s most concentrated form of pure carbon, are a popular choice for engagement rings. Consider looking at local jewelry stores and antique shops for the perfect rings for you and your soon-to-be spouse! You never know what you may find with an open mind.

These five budgeting tips should help you set and stick to a reasonable budget for your fall wedding. Try them out for a chance to improve your special day at a fraction of the cost, and friends and family may ask you to show them how to do the same.

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