By gifting children a toy or experience that is educational and exciting, you teach them that learning can be fun. The classical approach to learning, the Trivium, divides the stages of learning into three parts: grammatical, dialectical or logical, and rhetorical. These are thought to reflect the stages of human mind development and there are gifts that can support all of these stages of learning. Here are five suggestions to get you started with your present shopping.

Museum Passes

If you live in an area with access to museums, buying child passes can be a great gift. Considering that the average four-year-old asks about 437 questions a day, the museum will give them plenty of answers. They’ll have the fun of going to the museum and also receive the educational experience that the museum’s displays provide. Since museums can also be expensive, the opportunity to visit one might not be something your child has had before. Look into what museums are in your area and whether they reflect your child’s current or potential interests.

Terrarium Kit

Working with nature is something that is grounding and soothing for a lot of people. It can also be very educational, teaching children about different life cycles and ways that they can garden and impact the environment. A terrarium kit allows them to learn about these things in a small, contained area. It is more simple than a garden and can easily be set up in the home. Setting it all up and watching how it exists can be incredibly fun and educational.

Health Club Membership

Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for children between the ages of seven and 17. However, pools are not always accessible at home, especially in colder climates. If you can purchase a child membership to a kid-friendly health club, this will give them access to a pool. Not only will they be able to go swimming whenever they want, but they’ll also have the opportunity to learn about different ways they can keep their body and minds healthy through exercise.

Video Games

Video games get a bad reputation, but many of them can be very educational. Look into video games that are specifically designed for educational purposes. These are often puzzle games that can be very entertaining for children of all ages. By playing these games, they get the fun of the puzzle while they learn new things. They also get the benefits of improved coordination that video games can provide.


Books are an obvious choice for fun, educational gifts, but it is important that you choose the right books. Look for books that are just at, or a little above, your child’s reading level. They should also pertain to their interests. Consider a novel that takes place in a setting they’re interested in. Not only will they learn through the story, but it might also inspire them to dig deeper into the things they learned through reading the book.

Educational gifts do not need to be boring. Consider the child you’re buying for and what they like and dislike. Think about the kinds of things they enjoy doing and learning about. Then apply the suggestions on this list in order to customize the gift for them. Whether it is a toy to play with at home or an experience, your gift will give them a lot of fun while also teaching them something they can use in the future.

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