It’s always a good idea to start a side-hustle if you have the time, no matter the industry you’re in. This is because, apart from making extra money, you will also stay productive and possibly learn a new skill or two. If you’re a lawyer or paralegal, read on to see five law-related side hustles you should consider.

1. Public Speaking

If you’re confident and have perfected your oratorical skills, you may find joy in public speaking. Some situations in which the services of a public speaker would be required include business projects, community events, and even family get-togethers. Pursuing this side-hustle will offer a welcome change from the traditional duties of a lawyer’s day-to-day life in the office. You can also perfect other skills such as presentation and persuasion, which will make you better at your existing job.

2. Teaching an Online Course

As a legal practitioner, you’ve most likely undergone a lot of education between law school and undergraduate studies, and this is a lot of expertise. You can take advantage of this fact and share your knowledge with others through teaching classes online. There are many options available if you choose to go down this path from general-interest law-related classes to comprehensive guides on niche topics. You could even teach bar exam prep courses and LSAT, which will do well in the market thanks to prospective lawyers trying to get help to pass. There are many educational platforms to choose from online, so you will have an easy time creating diverse courses that can be made exactly how you want them.

3. Freelance Writing

Another great side hustle you could consider if you’re a lawyer is freelance writing, which has come a long way. Now, companies in all industries are in need of high-quality written content to help them improve their reputations, boost their rankings online, and grow their audiences. Freelance writing is a natural fit for lawyers who have perfected the skill of creating arguments and legal documents. Since freelance writing is extremely versatile, you can choose the niche you’re interested in and you will easily find someone that’s willing to pay you to write for them. You can join a freelance writing site and start sourcing for clients or start your own blog to get a feel of what writing is like and also perfect specific skills.

Legal transcription is creating written records of legal recordings which can be used for consultation purposes if necessary. This is a different job from creating written records of live conversations, which is what court reporters do. Since you already know legal terminology, you simply need to polish your computer skills, learn to be attentive to detail, listen keenly, type fast, and manage your time well. Once you perfect these skills, you can earn a good amount of money working as a legal transcriptionist. Start your training with an entry-level role and you will learn fast enough to make this a lucrative side-hustle.

Different businesses and individuals are in need of legal counsel in order to make the most of their endeavors or simply comply with the law for a certain undertaking. This means that you can start a side-hustle offering people legal advice and start to earn good money from it. You can even take a break from the traditional court role that often involves cross-examination. While it’s one of the most important stages for a trial that involves an expert witness as their testimony can influence the opinions of the judge and jury, you can make an even bigger impact as a legal counselor. Simply start looking for gigs online and you may enjoy this side hustle more than you thought you could.

Find a side hustle that doesn’t tax you too much as far as your time is concerned and make the most of it. This will help you find your legal career more fulfilling.

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