When a teenager is planning to buy their first car, they might have grand ideas about what it’ll be. They’re picturing their dream car, the one that they’ll drive to school and out on dates. However, for many teens, the first car is much simpler. If your teenager is planning to buy a car, it is important that they know what they’re doing. So make sure that you give them the important advice that they’ll need in order to get their car with minimal hassle.

Understand Car Safety

Before a teenager can buy a car, they need to prove that they can drive safely. Passing the driving exam is part of that, but they also need to show consistent responsibility and knowledge about the laws. Breaking driving laws can ruin lives. In fact, a DUI can become a felony if it happens multiple times or the driver has prior felonies on their record. So by proving they are driving safely, a teen also proves they’re ready to buy a car of their own.

How They Will Pay for It

The teenager will also need to know how they plan to pay for their car. Depending on the family’s situation, there are many variables at play here. Will the family buy the car outright or will they finance it? How much will the monthly costs be when they include gas and insurance? Once your teenager has these numbers, they need to know how to pay for it. Some will pay through working jobs. Others might get creative and do things like sell artwork. The art market is huge, up to $67 billion in 2018. This means there are many opportunities for young artists to make money to pay for their car.

The Benefits of New Versus Used

Depending on their needs, a teenager might buy their car new or used. A new car will likely have fewer mechanical problems that the family will need to worry about. However, it will cost more and have a higher insurance premium than a used car will. Unless they sign up for high-quality 21st century auto insurance, this can be something of a concern. This is something that the family should look into before choosing a car. They decide what to prioritize and choose from there.

No matter what kind of car they get, though, you can bet they will need repairs eventually. If you don’t have a family mechanic that you love to go to, now is the time to find one. There are many factors that go into choosing an auto shop, so make sure you do your research ahead of time!

Which Car is Practical for the Whole Family

While the car will belong to the teen, it is important that they consider the practicalities. They might want something like a racecar or roadster. Some of these are very heavy, weighing about 3,400 pounds. Though a cobra would weigh less, a race car still isn’t very practical for a teenager who will be using it to get to school or work. If they go for something like this, they might still end up borrowing a parent’s car, which will impact the whole family. So it is important that they choose a car that won’t cause new problems for the parents.

How to Test Drive a Car

The idea of test driving a car can be intimidating, especially for someone who is buying their first car. Teens might be nervous at the idea of going to a dealership and driving the car. However, test driving is essential. It allows you to get a feel for the car and discover any problems it might have before purchasing it. If your teen is going to buy a car, they have to know the necessity of test driving. Explain to them how it will work or go with them to try it out.

While it is unlikely that your teen will have the perfect experience buying their first car, you can help make the process much easier for them. Share these tips and guide them toward the right decisions.

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