We’ve all survived the winter months, and we can now look forward to summer. For parents, summer also means the end of the school year. Many parents want to reward the dedication of the teachers who worked so hard to help their kids. If you’re wondering what gifts your child’s teacher might like, here are some ideas!

1. Let Your Child Make the Gift

One of the best ways to show teachers some appreciation is with a handmade gift. For example, teachers frequently get coffee mugs, but getting one painted with their names and full of candy or mints could touch their hearts. Another idea is having your child peel the wrappers off old and broken crayons to use in a mosaic to form a picture of your child’s choice.

2. Thank the Teacher With Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful way to show your child’s teacher you appreciate them. About 77% buy cut flowers for special occasions. Flowers bring joy to any occasion, and the teacher will be able to see how much you appreciate their contribution to your child’s life. A good flower for teachers might be sunflowers since they symbolize positivity and care!

3. Consider a Class Gift

Instead of giving a teacher individual gifts, some parents join with the parents of other students and get the teacher one significant gift. The class could get the teacher a subscription to the Fruit of the Month Club, an engraved plaque, or have a tree planted in their honor. This practice can work well in private schools where the student’s parents may all be acquainted with each other, as 87% of these institutions have a total enrollment of 300 students or fewer.

4. Honor the Teacher’s Faith and Commitment

About 10.8 million students attended private schools in 2023. Many of these institutions are dedicated to the teachings of a particular faith. Students who want to honor their teacher can, therefore, offer a faith-related gift, such as a novena card. Other faith-related gifts could be a scripture plaque or a piece of faith-related jewelry.

5. Bundle Your Thanks

Choose a pretty thrift store basket and have your child fill it with gifts to please the teacher. You can make a Pamper Basket with a bubble bath, a candle, hand lotion, and essential oil. If you know your child’s teacher likes to drink coffee, you could place an assortment of creamers in the basket with some biscottis or small cookies. An On the Go basket could hold a pair of sunglasses, a phone charger, and a water bottle.

6. Leave the Choice to Them

Although it may seem like a clich√©, a gift card can be an excellent gift for your child’s teacher. You could use a gift card for a nearby coffee shop or a nice restaurant. If you know of a favorite hobby the teacher has, a gift card could support that hobby. A general gift card has the most potential, as it can be used for whatever the teacher might want to use it for.

The teacher will appreciate whatever gift your child gives because they’ll be thankful for the sentiment behind it. Use these ideas to get you started!

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