Most of us at some point have worked from home during this pandemic. But this has not been easy due to the fact that most homes have poor lighting. In business, lighting can be one of the most significant interior design aspects. It has a tremendous impact not just on staff behavior and health. But also on the building’s efficiency and sustainability quotients.

Vont is one of the leading commercial lighting suppliers. They believe a good lighting arrangement, incorporates many types of lighting designs. Ambient lighting is a common type of lighting that is widely used in commercial settings. This is to provide adequate illumination. This is why you should look into getting the Vont ‘Aura’ LED Night Light.

What Is Ambient Lighting?

Let’s start with a definition of ambient lighting. Ambient lighting, in a word, is warm. It is typically utilized as the primary or central source of light in a room. It provides pleasant illumination. Ambient lighting is commonly utilized as the main source of illumination in a room. It serves as the foundation for all other lights. It provides a comfortable amount of illumination and brightness.

Why you should Choose Vont ‘Aura’ LED Night Light

The next thing you should learn about ambient light is how to select the best option. If you’re familiar with ambient lighting, you’ll want to start looking for the best one on the market. However, before you do so, you need to learn how to choose the best one.

The Vont Aura is perfect. This little light is well made and suits multiple purposes.  You can use this in bathrooms, staircases, and many more applications. It is suitable for multiple applications because the light is not too bright. It concentrates most of the glare on the floor, making it is less harmful to the eyes.

When it’s dark, just light sensors shine. There are no motion detectors. These are attractive and functional. It is, however, solely designed for top plugs. If you plug them in the lower ones, you cover the top plug space. Because the light aims at the floor, it utilizes the bottom plugs rather than top plugs.

Color Temperature

Ambient tones are generally recognized to be quite warm and golden. Some people, on the other hand, want their ambient lights to be cooler and hence have a more white or blue tone. Of course, it all depends on your requirements. The great thing about the Vont Aura LED night light is its adaptability. The darker it gets the bright it gets, it does this automatically so you do not have to fiddle with it.


You should also think about the strength or intensity of the light. This is commonly expressed in lumens and the lamp’s regular lumen count. The Volt Aura Ambient lighting has a lumen count of roughly 700 lumens. There are some with a larger count, but the strength depends on your needs. With a power rating of 110 volts, this little light packs a great punch but is friendly on your pocket.

Bulb Type

Finally, you must think about the bulb kind. The Vont Aura is an LED light. Personally, we are big fans of LED night light sets. They are more powerful and consume less energy. But, once again, this is a personal choice.

Best Features:

The construction quality is excellent, and the light output is about great – not too bright, not too faint. The light is only turned on when the room is dark, so it isn’t on all the time. Vont has always produced high-quality goods.

  • Touch function
  • 4 brightness settings
  • Cute design
  • Eye care features
  • Anti-overheat function

There is no reason for your home to be poorly lit anymore. Get the benefits of ambient lighting and you will never look back. Most importantly you may rest assured that these are the highest quality lights that will last you for years.

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