It’s safe to assume that a large number of people are currently connected to the internet. With this comes a lot of convenience but some danger too, so it’s good to make sure that if you have kids, they know how to stay safe online. Have a look at the following five ways in which you can easily teach them internet safety so that you can have some peace of mind whenever they’re surfing.

Ask Them to Limit the Time They Spend Online

The first way to teach your kids internet safety is to let them know that it’s important to limit the time they spend connected to their devices. Explaining this to them will make it easier for you to schedule times during which they can go online and when they cannot. Tell them that they should balance their time well, and instead of staying online throughout, they should also make time to play and get productive as well as do chores and more.

A fun way to do encourage following screentime is by helping them create a clock with construction paper. Cut out a few pieces of paper to create the clock base, then use a paper brad to fasten hands on. Set this up next to the computer, and every 10 minutes or so, come by to change the time so they can see how much time they have spent online, and how much time they have left!

Talk to Them About Parental Controls

To avoid having them feel as though you’re simply snooping on them by enforcing parental controls, let your kids know why they’re necessary in the first place. Tell them that there are new dangers coming up online each new day, and this is what you’re trying to keep them safe from. When they understand this, they are more likely to comply with you setting up parental controls. Since internet crime involves using the internet to spread false communication and defraud consumers, it’s important for you to tell your children about this and inform them that you’re well placed to spot fraudsters.

Create a Safe Space For Talking

To make sure that your children don’t suffer alone, create a space for them to talk to you in case they come across any issues on the internet. Tell them to trust their guts, and the moment they sense something is out of place, they need to inform you so you can tell them the steps to take next. Don’t be harsh or judgemental when they approach you about their issues, as this will keep them from letting you know in the future. Understand that it’s a learning process for them, and patiently guide them on what to do. Soon enough, they will be discerning young adults who are able to make good decisions based on how you taught them.

Teach Them The Importance of Not Sharing Personal Information

From the moment your children have access to the internet, tell them that they need to keep their private information safe. Tell them that if anyone starts trying to ask them about private things like their age, where they live, or even who else is at home with them, they should stop the interaction immediately. Researchers believe that in the first half of 2019 alone, data breaches exposed more than four billion records. Hackers and other people with devious intentions will do whatever they can to access private information, so let your children know they have to protect this information.

Watch Informative Cartoons With Them

Most kids retain visual information a lot better, and they consume cartoons easily as well. This makes watching cartoons with your kids about internet safety a great way to teach them and be sure that they will remember the information. Even comics and animations will do a great job, so search for these and have a session to watch them together so you can point out the important things and remind them over time as necessary.

Internet safety is currently an important thing to think about because the digital future we were all waiting for is finally here. Set them on a good, informed foundation and they will retain the knowledge, staying safe whenever they access the internet.

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