There is a way that you can truly give back to your local community or another anonymous family in another place, and that’s as an egg donor. Whether you realize it or not, many families rely on these donations, and the impact that they can have on a family will last a lifetime. If you are not planning to use your eggs but want to see them put to good use, there are three reasons why you should consider becoming an egg donor.

1. Help Create a Family

There are some families who, despite wanting a baby of their own, find themselves unable to conceive due to physical issues with one or both partners. Donating your healthy eggs to a woman whose eggs have been compromised allows that dream to come true when it is impossible. This is a selfless act, and if you are fortunate to have a great family, you get to provide that same opportunity to another family.

You may have friends or family members who are experiencing issues with starting their family, and this is a way that you can help them, especially if they need an egg donor. As long as you meet the age criteria, you could get pictures within just a year of the baby’s first dental appointment, as the ADA recommends seeing a dentist before they are a year old.

2. There Is Compensation

If you have already started your family or do not want one, you can donate your eggs and be compensated for it. As long as you meet the criteria and your eggs are in good health, companies will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for you to make an egg donation. This includes a minor procedure to extract the eggs, but you cover this cost and compensation in your contract before the procedure occurs.

Depending on what you have going on in your life, this compensation isn’t just gas money. Still, it can help you cover some unexpected expenses, pay off debt, or take a dream vacation you have earned after giving so much hope and love to a family that you may or may not know.

3. You Are a Part of Something Bigger

If you have felt you want to be a part of something more than your daily life, current friend group, and career, then being an egg donor allows you to give back to others and be a part of a larger network. With your eggs, you can put your DNA back into society positively. Babies need healthy eggs to develop properly, as their brains and bodies will grow substantially between three to 12 months old.

When trying to find yourself and find a purpose in this world, you may wonder what impact you can have at such a young age. According to Elevate Baby, egg donors should be between 19 and 29, with some exceptions up to 31. As a healthy donor, you can have a significant impact, even if you haven’t been able to make that move in your personal life or career by that time. Looking back on that, you will see the start of your accomplishments and how you changed the world.

Are You Ready to Donate?

If you know that you are not planning to use the eggs you have left, you can still allow them to be used to help others and even help yourself. Whether you want the cash for the donation or the thought of knowing that you gave a gift of life, you can be an egg donor as long as you meet the qualifications. You will need to undergo an exam and a minor procedure to extract the eggs, but you will be making a lifelong difference after your donation.

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