Maintaining any property you invest in, residential or commercial, is a key component to owning or leasing any type of lot or structure. Understanding how property maintenance can help keep your family safe will allow you to make the best decisions for your home or business, regardless of your location and the size of your building itself. The more actively involved you are with the process of maintaining your property, the easier it will be for you to determine when it is time to make a change or new investment to keep those around you safe at all times.

Improve Your Family’s Health

Proper landscaping maintenance is not just ideal for boosting curbside appeal and the overall value of your home and property, but it can improve your household’s health. Just one large tree that is well-maintained can provide an entire day of oxygen for a family of four, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. Ensuring any trees on your property are well-maintained, trimmed, and inspected regularly will maximize oxygen production benefits for the surrounding environment.

Monitor Soggy Soil and Surroundings

Soggy soil in the ground is one of the biggest reasons why trees fall and topple over, according to The Conversation. If your home or building is located in a region where the climate is moderate and rainfall is prevalent, you will want to monitor the condition of your soil, especially during wet seasons of the year. Protecting your home from soggy soil will minimize the risk of experiencing a tree falling onto your home or around your property, resulting in damage, injuries, or in some cases, even fatalities.

Reduce the Risk of Trip and Fall Accidents

Maintaining the surroundings of your home is a way to drastically reduce the risk of a trip and fall accident or incident. Whether you trip and fall while walking on your sidewalk or a local neighbor falls while on your lot, there is an inherent risk of not maintaining your property. If an individual trips and falls anywhere on your property, you may be held legally and financially liable for any injuries that were sustained, and any medical bills incurred due to the accident.

Identify Mold Growths and Bacteria Immediately

Hiring the right maintenance expert, contractor, or company is key to ensuring the best outcome and results whenever you’re undergoing property maintenance on your residential or commercial lot. Approximately 40% of all American homeowners have reportedly hired a professional landscaper or local landscaping service to conduct work on their property in the past year alone, according to Landscape Business. Working with the right exterior contractor or landscaper is also a way to identify potential mold and bacteria growths, which will allow you to remedy them immediately, reducing any potential risk to those who are currently living in your household.

Minimize Pest Infestations

If your home is located in an area where pest infestations are prevalent, regular maintenance of your property is key to preventing a major infestation from taking place on your own grounds. Regular and consistent maintenance will provide insight into the surroundings of your home and potential weak points that may need to be addressed to keep pests at bay year-round. When working with a pest infestation company, you can also guarantee the prevention of any type of pests, from rats to cockroaches.

Maintaining any property you invest in will not only help you keep your family safe and protected, but it is also a way for you to ensure the best ROI possible once you decide to sell the property on the open market. The right maintenance providers can help streamline the process of taking care of outdoor landscaping, sidewalks, and even potential pest infestations, depending on your current location. Proper maintenance, inspections, and landscaping will help you make the most of any investment you make while ensuring the safest, cleanest, and healthiest environment for those who mean the most to you.

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