Everything handwritten always adds a personal touch, no matter what the situation is. When you send a written note, it shows the thoughtfulness behind it and the genuine emotion that comes with it. Even in a business setting, sending a handwritten note to a client, customer or colleague can show that you care. It is especially effective when you are trying to show your gratitude. Handwritten notes may seem obsolete and something from the past, but now you can do it online. It’s moving with the times but with the same sentiment.

With the pandemic having us working from home, I needed to show my gratitude to my colleagues after a good job well done. We worked on a team project online, and it was a success. There was a need to say thank you. I wanted it to show a profound sentiment, but I needed something else that would work because I could not hand deliver my thank you notes. This was when I discovered handwritten thank you cards online. I did my research using google, and I found a most helpful post. This post has changed my life when it comes to saying thank you. It helps bring back a past thank you gesture, integrating it with the future of technology.

You probably wonder what is so great about sending online thank you cards. Well, let me explain it to you:

You can show your gratitude

You can say thank you verbally for a gift or gesture, even for great service. But a handwritten thank you can go a long way. It comes with a personal touch because it shows that you took the time to come up with the words from you. It’s something one can keep going back to and seeing your thank you.

It is the proper way to do things

In today’s society, we overlook manners. Writing a note to say thank you is a way to show that you are respectful and still abide by your manners. Old traditions seem boring, but they teach us how to do things the right way. These handwritten thank you notes show proper manners.

It is more personal

You must consider the type of electronic card you wish to create. However, you can save time by typing the exact theme you want. As we all know, the card aisle, on the other hand, necessitates a lot more effort. It feels much more personal when you pick it out of everything else. This is the same as a handwritten thank you note. You will pick out the right words. It demonstrates that you spent time on it rather than sending a short electronic card. It doesn’t have to be a two-page letter to make a significant effect. It only takes a few handwritten sentences to express how you feel.

It can be on display

Everyone wants to remember a gesture that made them feel warm inside. This is the same with a handwritten thank you note. They can stick it on the fridge and keep looking at it from time to time. It is unlike an electronic card that is not tangible.

It is a rare thing

A handwritten thank you note is very rare. It is something that people do not do get often. You can be the person who brings back an old tradition. It can become a family tradition where children learn how to write thank you notes, and it passes on from generation to generation.

It will help to build relationships with clients

You can build a rapport with your clients. They feel like they matter to you and will keep coming back. They will be seeking the human element that you bring to your business. They will know that you appreciate them and keep coming back for that relationship.

It is time to send handwritten thank you cards online. It will boost your relationships, and it will boost your image as well. It is convenient and thoughtful. Give it a try today.

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