Event budgeting is usually one of the least favorite aspects of the planning process for anyone putting together an event. Trying to figure out the best entertainment option that fits into your budget and then contracting a band, singer, comedian, or any other live performer can be a difficult task. 

If your entertainment budget is limited, you probably won’t be able to hire an internationally renowned singer or that classic rock band you loved back in college. Even Nickelback, that band everyone likes to make fun of, can run you a half-million dollars. The better news is that you can make the most of what you have, sticking to your budget while still booking quality entertainment.

Consider the Timing

The date you choose usually affects the price of the entertainment you hire. For example, if a touring act happens to be in the area and has a night (or day) off, you might be able to get a discount on their normal fee. Keep in mind that Fridays and Saturdays tend to be priced higher, while Sundays through Thursdays are lower due to supply and demand. If you’re trying to book a date on a holiday like New Year’s Eve, those high-demand dates mean much higher prices. 

Something else to consider is booking entertainment as far in advance as possible. That way there will be greater availability, which means more acts available at more budget-friendly prices. The bottom line is, be as flexible as you can when it comes to the date and you’ll increase the odds of getting the best live entertainment for the buck.

Balance Priorities

What’s the most important thing attendees want in any event? Live entertainment, along with food and drink. Don’t make the mistake of spending way too much on the venue and decor only to end up with not enough for professional entertainment. It’s the most memorable part of the experience, something the audience will remember most. 

Perhaps you can cut back on the less important things and spend more to ensure the entertainment is something that will keep people talking, in a good way, for many years to come. 

Hire Alternative Forms of Entertainment

Quality entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean booking an act that charges the most. Hiring a live band is usually expensive because there are multiple members that have to get paid. Bands also require instruments, equipment, and a lot more space than other options. Consider alternative forms of entertainment that aren’t as costly and won’t require booking a large venue with all the high-tech bells and whistles. 

You might book an artist for hire through a talent app that cuts the middleman out, which means no paying commission fees to an agent. It’s pretty much guaranteed to be cheaper than going through someone’s manager. 

There are many types of outstanding artists, from singer-songwriters to dance soloists and rappers. If your event is focused on health and wellness, you might even find a painter/healer who combines energy healing with the magic of brushwork, painting in front of your audience.

A live hypnotist won’t require much space, but when invitees find out who will be at your event, they’re likely to be very curious and more motivated to attend. This mesmerizing, engaging experience is something they’ll want to tell all their friends about afterward too. 

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