Every family expects to have their sons or daughters enroll in college and pursue their studies. While it’s an exciting prospect, as a mom and a parent, you have a duty to prepare your teenagers for the next stage in college life. This means educating and creating an understanding in your child about the fun and challenges they may face in college. Below are the ways to prepare your teen for college life.

Engage Them in Problem-Solving Skills

In college, your teen will interact with students from different social and cultural backgrounds. With this comes an array of challenges they must overcome. Your teen needs to have the right problem-solving skills. To prepare your child for college life, engage them in problem-solving activities and make them understand their relevance. There is a 40% yield rate for students equipped with problem-solving skills before going to college. This is according to presenters at CCCU during a Noel Levitz presentation. It will also be possible for your teen to develop the mental fortitude to cope fast with college life.

Help Them Develop Strategies to Manage Uncomfortable Emotions

It is possible to prepare your teen academically for college life but not emotionally for what is to come. As a parent, you should engage your child in problem-solving activities and help develop strategies to manage uncomfortable emotions. There are several causes of emotional discomfort coming from other students and the college environment that can take a big toll on your teen. Cases of discrimination and violence are among the issues that can lead to uncomfortable emotions. With the cases of discrimination and harassment experienced among American workers being at 45% in the past year, helping your teen develop effective strategies before college becomes beneficial.

Encourage Goal-Setting

The chances of your teen getting distracted from their academic pursuits while in college are much higher. Your teen should be aware of factors such as peer pressure and drug abuse that can influence their college life. As a mom and a parent, you should encourage your teen to set academic and life goals before heading to college. As much as the main objective is academic success, your teen needs to establish goals for managing stress, making productive friends, and staying healthy. You should encourage your teenagers to write down and evaluate the goals from short-term and achievable to long-term ones. This is vital as they will also boost their chances of success.

Help Them Create and Track Their Budget

Creating a proper budget is a life skill that your teen should have before going to college. As much as you have been the sole manager of finances for your family as a parent, your teenagers will be responsible for their finances while in college. They will create their own budget, pay their bills, and deal with other financial obligations. There are also financial needs, especially if they own a car. You should note that an American vehicle remains parked at home or in the garage for 95% of its lifetime. When you help your teens create and track their budget, managing their automobiles and keeping them running and functional becomes possible. With a proper and sustainable budget, your teen will find it easier to navigate college life.

Encourage Them to Join College Support Groups

For easier adjustment to college life, your teen should join and engage in social college activities. The adjustment process will be positive when your teen joins college support groups. It will be possible for your teens to develop the confidence they need and find a comfortable place to thrive in college life. Support groups and social activities are also a means to strengthen their social skills and encourage independence. There is also a positive peer community with the right support group keeping your teen away from the influence of drug and substance abuse.

Seeing your teen prepare for college can be an exciting and terrifying moment for you as a mom and parent. However, things get better when you are sure that the help, guidance, and direction you provide will be meaningful in the long run. How you prepare your teens for college life, therefore, becomes instrumental.

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