There are numerous causes of knee injuries. Some of these include existing conditions like arthritis, dislocated knee, overuse, or falls. Your solution to the pain would hence, depend on the cause. Some symptoms of a knee injury include swelling, knee-buckling, or general pain. Below are some ways to relieve the pain in your knee.

Try Out KT Tape

Kinesiology therapeutic tape is an acrylic-glued elastic cotton strip. Pain and injuries are treated using this tape. It’s designed to mimic the skin’s flexibility so you can move to your full potential. It has been reported that KT tape can stretch up to 40% of its original size, allowing for movement assistance. When properly applied, the tape’s elasticity recoils slightly, gently lifting the skin from the tissues beneath it. This mild lifting of the skin makes space for improved blood and lymphatic movement, which aids in pressure relief and edema reduction.

Establish a Balanced Exercise Routine

Exercising improves the health of your cartilage tissue and also strengthens the body’s support of the joints. Avoid high-impact exercises like running and jumping which may worsen the pain. You should also rest your knee occasionally to reduce the risk of further injury and to give the tissues time to heal. You should, however, not rest too much as this may weaken your muscles and worsen the joint pain. Look for activities that your knee can handle like walking, swimming, or stationary cycling and practice those. Cardio exercises will strengthen the knee support muscles and increase your flexibility.

Look Into Medical Options

There are numerous medical options to treat knee pain, one of which is injections like hyaluronic injections. HA injections aim to restore synovial fluid, a slippery substance that helps lubricate bones and acts as a shock absorber. Lubricating injections like this one are conducted under accurate imaging guidance to make sure that the right area is targeted exactly.

These FDA-cleared injections assist your knees in stimulating more of their natural fluid, which provides long-term relief. The major component of the injection, hyaluronate, is injected directly into the knee joint to restore mobility and prevent pain. These injections may take up to half a year to become fully effective.

Losing Weight

It has been noted that being overweight increases the risk of knee pain. This is because, as you walk, your knees take on a force that is 3 – 6 times your weight. So, basically, the more you weigh, the greater the stress. This may make your knees swollen and painful and, in the long run, may cause arthritis. Gaining weight also quickens the rate at which your knees lose cartilage. Cartilage creates a cushion between your knees to reduce friction. Less of it would lead to irritation and swelling. To lose weight, set a goal for yourself to lose at least 10% of your weight by exercising, dieting, or both. You may also consult a doctor who may advise on how much weight you need to lose and help you plan a favorable diet. Keep in mind that even small changes make a huge difference.

Consider Alternative Pain Relief Options

You can take NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen which help with the pain. Other options include tramadol, topical capsaicin, and steroid injections. Some of these medications do not need a prescription and may be purchased over the counter, like NSAIDs. Make sure you are aware of any side effects so you are not caught off guard. Another recent development is the approval of the use of cannabidiol (CBD)as a solution to a range of health problems. Research shows that 85% of legal cannabis use is directed to the treatment of pain. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects, which is why it is now being used to treat pain.

These few tips are meant to help you solve any knee problems you may have. Mild to moderate knee pain usually gets better on its own, but some people may need more help. You should hence assess your problem and see if the pain is bearable or not to know which course of action to take.

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