It is becoming more important for people to live in a way that does not affect the environment negatively to try and make a difference. To this end, many people are looking for a green home project or other that they can do. If you are looking for ideas on such projects, have a look at the five outlined below, and try as many of them as you can!

Organize Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe plays a role in the state of the environment if you think about the energy and chemicals involved in creating the clothes and shoes you wear. It’s therefore a great move to avoid buying new clothes unless you have to and to buy used ones whenever possible. Keeping your wardrobe well organized will make it easy for you to see just how many clothes you have, letting you know whether you need to buy new outfits in the first place. A survey by OnePoll said that 57% of women said that when their closet is organized they have an easier time finding what they need. This should motivate you to get your wardrobe in order before you go shopping.

Take Care of Your Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances have a big part to play in helping conserve energy and create a greener environment. Take on a green home project that involves changing your electrical appliances to more energy-efficient ones. Also, get power strips which will make it easy for you to turn off many appliances at the same time. This will enable you to switch them all off when they are not in use, saving the energy that gets used by plugged-in appliances even while they are off.

Get An Environmentally Friendly Car

Getting around is a necessity that’s hard to ignore, and while walking and cycling are great options to take, they may not be viable for everyone. If you need to have a car, go green by getting one that is eco-friendly. If you have kids, a car that will fit every member comfortably, like a sedan, SUV, or even RV is a good option. Don’t get a massive car, however, unless you need one. This is because it will cost you more to maintain, and will also tax the environment a bit more. For instance, repairing an average RV can set you back $300 for every hour that it’s in service, and this is money that can be put into better use.

Clean With Eco-Friendly Products

Cleaning your home is another easy green home project that you can take up. Simply start using products that have no synthetic chemicals in them. These should not harm the environment either while being produced or when being released back into the environment with waste water. Foaming agents, detergents, and preservatives are great examples of ingredients that harm the environment’s biodiversity. Make your own cleaning products with help from the internet, most of which use castile soap as a base as it’s natural and works wonders.

Upgrade Your Heating System

Heating is another essential part of our lives that inadvertently takes up a lot of energy. Changing your heating system to a more eco-friendly one will help you not only save money on bills, but the environment as well. A modern HVAC system will be more energy-friendly, especially when paired with an automatic thermostat. Tankless units for your hot water needs are also great as they last up to two decades, while conventional heaters may last just 11 years.

When it comes to being eco-friendly, starting small will help you be more comfortable doing more, so get into the habit today. Be conscious of the effects of your actions on your environment and you will start to notice you can do more, making you a champion at green living!

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