Have you ever felt tired, exhausted, and in agony? Like the world is an unknown empty territory where nothing makes any sense anymore? Your past and present are nothing but utter darkness, and so will your future be?

Statistics show that many Americans including seniors feel anxious about their lives even if they are living in the best senior in home care.

All of us have, at one time or another, experienced these feelings. All of us, in some way (click here for more info if you are feeling anxious after moving), have struggled to open our eyes on a sunny morning and hoped to just stay in our dark room, not desiring to meet or speak to anyone but remain still and silent. The great news is that you are not alone. We are in this together. However, there is a great difference between a person who feels these sentiments because they lost their job, their dream, or their loved ones, and those who feel sad without a specific reason. If you are categorized in the second category, then depression is close to you. But what is depression?

Well, depression is a serious medical condition that highly affects your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It negatively impacts the daily activities you once loved. It makes it difficult for you to function whether at school, home or work.

1. Accept Yourself

The first step towards beating depression is accepting your condition. Depression is one of many mental conditions that millions of people face. The key to self-treatment is to take your condition seriously, accept it and be open about it. Don’t stay stuck in one place, or be arm folded but try to push yourself into feeling better. You’ve got to work towards improving your life routines and style. Love your dear self and try to find solutions that work for you, because after all, you are important and you deserve to be part of this world.

2. Do the Opposite of what your Depression Says

Your “depressive” voice may suggest staying alone under a blanket, instead of going out with your friends and having some fun. It might be hard to stop this irrational voice. However, you are able to recognize it, identify it, and do the opposite of what it says. Use logic as your weapon against it, and challenge it by simply saying “NO”.

3. If you Need to Cry, then Do it, but Helpfully

 Restraining your feelings is an unhealthy strategy to cope with your depression. If you are experiencing a down day, have it. Let yourself undergo all those various emotions. You can also consider writing your thoughts down, it will help you greatly. Instead of piling up the trash in, why not take the trash out, breathe out your negative energy, and breathe in positive vibes?

4. Set Realistic Goals that Provide Accomplishments

 Mostly, people may tend to encounter depressive episodes if they failed to accomplish goals they set for either school, work, or family plans and will therefore result in feeling guilty, melancholy, or even, at times, incapable of taking up responsibilities. But listing a set of workable and reasonable future goals can enhance one’s sense of achievement.

Workable goals are often characterized by being:

  • Controllable; it shouldn’t depend on others surrounding you.
  • Manageable; the process of completing a given goal shouldn’t be overwhelming or stressful.
  • Measurable; you should keep track of the duration of your goal and know whether it is getting completed or not.

5. Change your Mindset

 Making an effort to think optimistically is worth it! Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and will help in transforming your mindset and therefore your lifestyle. Think positively and let the positive energy reach you.

If you find yourself struggling with chronic depression and you can’t afford expensive therapy sessions or medical professional assistance that may go over your budget, then this article is for you. You may seek “natural” or “personal” alternatives to fight and ultimately beat depression. And click here for more tips.

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