The holiday shopping season is officially underway, and while curveballs will inevitably be thrown during this rapidly changing time, there are things you can still do to help set your business up for success both in-store and online. With businesses continuing to reopen and people turning to online shopping and curbside pickup at even greater rates, here are five strategies to keep in mind for this holiday season and beyond.

What Is Seasonal Marketing?

Before starting to list some of the strategies that you can follow during seasonal marketing, let us first know what we mean by seasonal marketing.

Well, seasonal marketing refers to the promotion that businesses create during some parts of the year or during sales seasons.

Some companies are attempting to take advantage of some periods of the year that witness huge traffic such as during Christmas and others. 

Seasonal marketing tries to satisfy your customers’ needs. For instance, during Christmas days, you will find that themes that are related to Christmas are more attractive than the other ones.

Five Tips For Seasonal Success

Now, after understanding what we mean by seasonal marketing, it is time to take action and get to know how we can have seasonal success. Below you will find five main tips that you can start in your attempt to benefit from this season.

1. Think of Digital Halls

Who hates decoration? No one does, right? So consider taking some high-quality seasonal photos of your products. Make sure to use these photos across your digital channels.

A tripod will surely help you a great deal when it comes to stable shots and lightning. Give it a try. Moreover, you can change the entire look of your site. Try to start your seasonal style with some Thanksgiving- theme designs. You will never regret it.

It is highly important to remember to change your website, social media channels, and others once you decide on holiday-related changes to your hours of operation.

2. Get New Friends and Keep the Old Ones

The holiday season is the appropriate time to set up a referral program. During this period of togetherness, it is a great opportunity to make your customers bring their family members and their friends

The best referral program is giving back to your customers through either a discount or a special offer. This will also allow you to attract new buyers.

If you follow this strategy, you will have a referral buyer who has known about how amazing your products and services are from an existing customer.

3. Consider Free Shipping

If you do not offer free shipping, this is a great time you should do so.  Several customers abandon their credit cards because of the extra charge of shipping costs. Free shipping, on the other hand, will certainly increase conversions.

If you want to offset the cost of free shipping, you can lift your prices by adding one or two dollars.

4. Go Straight Away

Your users are plainly interested in the pieces of information they are looking for. They need to find the information straight away without having to go through some marginalized stories.

For example, you may want to write about a given meal. You have some childhood stories (click here to learn about Florida business ideas) with this meal and you want to share them with your users. However, your users are not that interested. They want just the ingredients immediately. If you are in the business of the best crane mats for sale, always make sure, you are targeting the right audience with the right message.

Bear in mind that your audience will skip all these and they will want to know the main purpose of reading a certain piece of writing.

5. Prioritize the Most Important Things

During this period, a lot is going on. For example, You will find that some companies go for annual clothing drives. You, too, during this period will have a lot to say and give. But since you cannot be able to cover the whole thing, you need to prioritize what do you think is more essential.

On your website, try to focus your attention on the main factors that impact your customers or the season you are selling during (click here to learn more). This can contain discounts, special offers, or flash deals. On the other hand, use your social channels to publish additional content concerning your company culture and celebration.

This period is a great time where you can achieve huge success and provide your customers with an amazing user experience they will never encounter in their lives. Many strategies can be followed to target your goals. In this article, we have mentioned five of them that we are sure will help you greatly.

Now after knowing where to start, it is time to start thinking and then applying your strategy. Know exactly how to reach new customers, increase sales, and display information on your products and services.

It is your time, so know how to write your success story!

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