If you are looking for a job in Florida, you’re not alone. Finding the right job can be difficult, and it can be hard to know where to start looking to find the best job for you. You don’t just want to take any job after all, you want to find one that you can stick with. To help make searching for a job easier, here are five tips to keep in mind.

1. Ask Around About Jobs

Although online job sites are some of the most popular places to look for job listings, around 80% of job openings aren’t posted online. This means that a majority of employment opportunities could be missed if you are only relying on job sites to try and find the best job for you. To broaden your scope, you should consider asking around about job postings. Family and friends can be a good place to start, but you may also consider heading into places where you would like to work and asking about whether or not they have positions open. Even if a location isn’t currently hiring, you can always drop off your resume so that they can keep you in mind should something open up before you find something else.

2. Consider Your Skills and What You’d Enjoy Doing

Another thing to keep in mind is your skillset and how you can put your skills to use in a field that you would enjoy. Although it can be tempting to apply for any position that you’re qualified for just to start bringing in money, if you wind up taking jobs that you don’t enjoy, you’re only going to be increasing the stress in your life further. Additionally, taking jobs like this can lead to you quitting early, leading to a lot of jobs on your resume that show you jumping from one place to another. This can put off hiring managers who are looking for employees with a track record of staying in a position for a longer period of time.

3. Look at Reviews of Your Potential Place of Employment

When you get a call back from a prospective job, you should always check the reviews about it from past employees, as this can tell you a lot about the culture of the business. If the reviews are mostly positive, there is a better chance that you will have a better experience working there. However, if there are a lot of negative comments, consider the things that they are saying and whether or not you want to take a chance working there. The Search Engine Journal from 2015 reported that 72% of consumers admitted that positive company reviews made them trust a business more. This same logic can be applied to job seekers.

4. Take Chances

If you find a job opening that you would like to apply for, go for it. Don’t assume that you need to meet all of the listed qualifications to submit your resume. For instance, if a listing asks for 10+ years of experience and you only have 5, don’t tap out just because you think that will get you automatically rejected. Although you shouldn’t necessarily apply to jobs that you know you’re not qualified to do, you still shouldn’t shy away from a listing just because you don’t meet every single criterion they are asking for. The worst that could happen is you don’t get a callback, but you’ll never know if you don’t take the chance.

5. Look at the Values of Your Possible Place of Employment

Lastly, consider the values of the place you’re potentially going to be working at. For example, the number of non-practicing Christians has risen in the past two decades from 35% to 43%, while the number of practicing Christians fell from 45% to 25%. Meanwhile, non-Christians and Agnostics rose from 20% to 32%. If you aren’t Christian or are non-practicing, you may want to consider whether or not this is going to impact your position, particularly if you are applying for a religiously affiliated organization. Similarly, if you follow a religion such as Islam, and need accommodations for daily prayer, you’ll want to assess whether or not the company you’re going to be working for is going to be amenable to providing it. It is worth remembering that in Florida, Title VII prevents religious discrimination and requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to employees for religious beliefs. However, you should still try to gauge employers’ openness and willingness to accommodate, so that you don’t face hardship while working there, even if the law is on your side.

If you are looking for a job in Florida, you’re not alone. However, searching for a job doesn’t have to be too difficult if you keep these five tips in mind. While it can still take time to find the job that is best for you, it can be a lot easier once you know these tips for effectively searching for a job and find opportunities that you might not have before.

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