Gyms are slowly beginning to open up again all over the world. And while more and more people are excited to get back into the workout routines and reach back to the ideal weight, it makes sense to be a little vigilant in doing so. The truth is that we are still navigating the murky waters of a global pandemic, and the main objective is to remain healthy. We all strive to find a balance between keeping our bodies fit, and not catching or spreading COVID-19. Thankfully, one can do both if they follow the tips below:

1- Ensure that your gym follows the CDC Protocol

Understanding the CDC rules that must be followed by all gyms will allow you to make an informed decision. If you end up going to an indoor gym, you must take care of yourself and ensure that your gym complies with the safety protocols that protect users against contracting COVID-19, one such protocol is there should not be more than the allowed indoor percentage of people in the gym in your state, everyone should wear masks at all times, you should keep at least six feet apart from each other and staff should enforce these protocols.

2- Bringing your PPE and hand sanitizer with you

When going to places like the gym, bring your own ‘protection kit’. An N95 face mask, EPA-approved List-N disinfectants, your towels, disposable gloves, and antibacterial soaps should be part of this package. Wipe down the surfaces that you are likely to come into contact with using an EPA-approved disinfectant. Be sure to wipe chairs, exercise equipment, weights, and handles. If your gym allows it, it would also be a good idea to bring your equipment, which would restrict the number of communal objects you are handling. You might bring your own weights, matt yoga, or jump rope, for example.

3- Off-peak hours

It’s worth hitting the gym during off-peak times; this is applicable if you have a flexible schedule. Obviously, with more people working from home, this looks a little different in light of COVID. Examples of ways to quickly deter crowds are available during your lunchtime or when Sunday football is on To ensure that you go to the gym during off-hours, call your gym before leaving or ask the staff when they have encountered quiet times, and even what day they experience this.

4- With reduced class sizes, select small gyms or studios

Keeping in line with the advice above the fewer individuals you meet, the better. Compared to larger gyms, some many independent gyms and studios inevitably have fewer subscribers. Getting a subscription to such a gym will reduce the likelihood of getting in contact with more people than necessary. You will need to sign up in advance for these types of places because they restrict their classes to around half the normal size. Your class may be as small as two to ten individuals.

5- Do not stay longer than needed

A minute before it starts, get to class and leave immediately after. If it’s not a fixed lesson, before arriving, write down your exercise strategy and move through it quickly. Although gyms should take extreme precautions when it comes to mask-wearing, social distancing, and cleaning the equipment with the aid of the preventive measures of the CDC, when people cough, sneeze or speak, the less time you spend in the gym, the better

6- If you are indoors, choose low-intensity exercise.

Choosing work out routines that aren’t as strenuous if you’re indoors is highly recommended. High-intensity exercise requires more oxygen than lower-intensity exercises, so any air restriction when wearing a mask is likely to be more noticeable during HIIT or indoor spin/running classes than anything like yoga. Tougher breathing also ensures that COVID particles can migrate further than at our usual breathing rate.

Exercise is highly beneficial to our overall wellbeing, so we all need to find a way to exercise during the pandemic safely and with trust. Gyms are higher-risk environments at the moment since they are enclosed spaces shared with others. We hope by following this expert advice going back to the gym will be a safer experience.

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