This year has been no exception to the e-commerce industry’s constant evolution. Merchants are building and enhancing their e-commerce companies more than ever before to meet customers where they are.

So here are few tips to Supercharge Your Bigcommerce Online Store with Omnisend Automation Solutions:

1- Omnisend Ecommerce Automations

Automation improves the efficiency of your entire organization. You may be able to save money on staffing while allowing your team to focus on more critical, strategic issues. Marketing automation software can automate the practice of manually posting on social media every day. As a result, your staff will be able to focus on more creative tasks. Tasks such as planning and brainstorming for new campaigns and initiatives. Working with an automated platform like Omnisend will also make the tasks of your team easier. Your team may use the same software to post on social media. They can establish an email nurturing campaign, write a blog, and build a landing page. Finally, this saves time for your team while designing campaigns.

2- Browse Abandonment

Browse abandonment occurs when a visitor arrives on your website, browses the product or category pages, but leaves without purchasing. Omnisend sends such visitors emails or prompts that encourage them to come back and buy. This is a basic form of automation as it helps convert visitors into paying customers.

3- Product Abandonment

You should consider it a good sign when someone looks at your stuff. In reality, it indicates that they have discovered what they were seeking and are considering purchasing it. The issue is, do you have any idea what these items are? You can pinpoint what products your customers looked at before leaving your online store with our website tracking feature. This feature helps you send product recommendations based on products your visitors viewed but haven’t added to the cart.

4- Cart Recovery

When a potential consumer begins the checkout process for an online order but abandons it, this is known as shopping cart abandonment. Any item that a shopper adds to their shopping basket but never completes the transaction is labelled “abandoned.” Omnisend automates emails, sending product recommendations based on the products your visitors viewed. Up to 20% of abandoned carts can convert into sales.

5- Welcome emails

Greet your shoppers and introduce your brand right after signup. When new visitors to your website sign up for your newsletters, they provide you with a marketing opportunity. Sending a welcome email allows you to make a great first impression, introduce yourself, and learn more about your connections.

6- Confirmation emails

You can send a comprehensive, message with the things your clients have purchased using the Order Confirmation generated by Omnisend. Instead of sending a standard email with your in-house shop offer, create a beautiful target email depending on data obtained with Omnisend. Sending branded and automatic order, shipment, and cancellation confirmations to acknowledge recent transactions is a nice touch.

7- Re-activation

We’ve all had consumers that bought once or twice but never returned as regular customers. According to numerous marketing studies, this number might range from 25% to 60% of an online store’s whole database. Reactivation automation helps you identify those clients and re-engage with them. This gives you the ability to reach your inactive customers and encourage repeat purchases subtly.

8- Order Follow-up

After completing a purchase, send an order follow-up email (also known as a thank-you email). It’s part of the automated email family. It’s available to all Bigcommerce business owners who have purchased the Omnisend Trial, Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plans. You will receive valuable feedback from those that recently ordered from your store.

9- Custom workflows

Every business has specific automation needs, and Omnisend has that in mind. To fulfil your particular company needs, you can develop your own specialized, automated workflows. To provide consistently multichannel messaging, combine email, SMS, and push notifications in your workflows.

Final word

Getting visitors to your website is one thing; getting them to convert is quite another. Businesses want to boost their conversion rates by improving their product pages. Essentially, marketing automation with Omnisend can help streamline your marketing efforts and make your department more efficient.

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