If you have young children at home, keeping them safe and happy will be one of your top priorities. Toddlers and preschoolers have a natural curiosity that can bring injuries to themselves if they’re not protected. If you’re not careful with housekeeping, children are left at greater risk for injury and illness. Here are some tips to keep your children safe at home:

Use Safe Power

Electricity is essential for modern homes, but electrical cords carry the risks of shock and choking. Use outlet and cord covers to keep your plugs and cords away from children. According to NPR, keep your home’s generator at least 20 feet from your property to ensure safety. In addition, you should keep the exhaust directed away from the home. Furthermore, start to teach kids to play at a safe distance away from appliances from a very young age to keep them safe for years to come.

Avoid Drowning Accidents

Unfortunately, it takes very little water for a child to drown. Don’t leave children unsupervised near water sources – especially in the bathtub. If you fill a bucket with water, make sure it’s empty by the time you walk away. Keep your swimming pool or outdoor hot tub behind a locked gate to ensure your child’s safety at all times.

Seek Help With Repairs

If you have a plumbing or electrical problem, it may be tempting to try fixing it yourself. According to PR Newswire, when a plumbing problem occurs, about 46% of homeowners search for DIY tips and attempt to solve it themselves. However, in many cases, DIY attempts can result in a more severe problem, jeopardizing your children’s safety. If a plumbing or electrical problem arises, understand when it’s beyond your capabilities and call a professional to repair it.

Keep Cleaners Locked Up

Many household cleaners and other potentially dangerous items, such as bleach, ammonia, and medication, can poison or otherwise harm your child. Keep household cleaners locked in cabinets with child-proof locks. Your medications should be kept in a medicine cabinet that is out of your child’s reach. Keep the poison control phone number posted on your wall in case your child swallows something harmful.

Exterminate Any Bedbugs

Bed bugs are insects, often found in mattresses or linens, that feed on human blood. According to Pest Control Technology, 69% of experts in pest control reported that the number of bed bugs that exist, as well as their workload to kill them, is increasing. These bugs are brown, and they lay hundreds of eggs. To prevent bed bugs from biting your children, use a protective mattress cover, and keep your mattresses, rugs, and linens clean.

Protect Kids From Falls

If there is a flight of stairs in your home, your youngsters are at risk of falling. Get a baby gate and keep it at the top of the steps. To protect your child from falling from a window, install window guards and make sure they’re locked at all times. To prevent other falls, don’t use area rugs in rooms where children go, as they can easily trip over and injure themselves.

Defend Against Fires

House fires can cause property damage, but more importantly, they can cause burns. These are not only painful; they can be disfiguring, and they place their victims at risk for infection. One of the easiest but most essential measures to prevent fire damage is to install a fire alarm in every room of your home. Keep anything flammable, including matches, lighters, and lighter fluid, out of your children’s reach.

Your children bring you many blessings but also many responsibilities. Use these safety tips to make your home safer for your children. Ask your pediatrician for a list of home safety tips so you can discover other essential ways to keep your child safe. When you act out your love for your children by keeping them secure, they’ll have a better chance to live healthy and happy lives.

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