There has been a significant impact of technology in various industries. The gaming industry has greatly revolved with it growing into a more organized sport. It has developed to surpass the movie and music industry combined. This has made it a lucrative industry for players and investors alike with players earning millions of dollars. According to a survey by Statista, there are over 3 billion gamers globally. There is an emerging trend of having crypto gaming with crypto enthusiasts. There is a play-to-earn model that is popular in the gaming industry. The play-to-earn model provides a platform that is based on the blockchain. It pays you to play crypto-yielding games. These games are legit with the only downside being that you have to spend to earn.

Traction made in crypto gaming

Amongst the popular play-to-earn games is Axie Infinity. CoinMarket Cap rates it at an ROI of over 121%. The model of the game is a trading and battle system. Players develop content traded within the game or through third-party sites.

It has over a million active users. According to CoinGecko, there is a significant initial entrance amount of $690 to start playing. It has not discouraged its continuing growth.

The ecosystem that supports the crypto games have also greatly evolved. The already mentioned OpenSea that facilitates the trading of in-game content via NFTs is a perfect example.

Potential earnings from crypto gaming

There is the massive potential of seeing over 3 billion gamers shift from online gaming to crypto gaming. The main attraction of crypto gaming is that you earn from it. Individuals can profit by playing or investing in crypto gaming. One can trade the in-game content of NFTs within the game or via third parties such as OpenSea. Alternatively, one can be an early investor in a game that has high growth potential. It requires critical analysis to get it right.

Evaluating a successful game

A potentially successful game should leave games yearning to participate further. A well-defined gameplay loop assists in this. These repetitive activities that players engage in allow for a continuous flow that challenges them as they are fully focused. The gameplay scope requires to be simple. These include the graphics, number of players, quality of AI, and the time of gameplay. In addition, the best games appreciate players’ feedback and implement suggestions on improving it. The development of NFTs as an in-game content generation is a testament to this. A game with a strong ecosystem allows it to prosper in growth through the support system.

Aside from the game elements, there are other factors to consider. The team behind the development of the game is critical. A team with previous experience in the industry is more likely to lead a successful game. The number is also critical as a game requires teamwork. A single developer is risky whereas a large team is hindered by bureaucracy. The best of games are easily adopted with mobile phones to reach worldwide recognition.

Avid gamers stand a better chance in analyzing a potentially successful game to invest in. Their experience is critical for stakeholders to earn millions.

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