Moving to a new home can be hectic, and the process isn’t always as eco-friendly as some people would like. However, moving doesn’t have to go against your eco-friendly goals, and there are many ways that you can help make your move as green as possible.

Don’t Dump, Donate!

Downsizing and getting rid of clutter is easy to do when moving, and it can be one of the best opportunities to nail down exactly what you need and don’t need. However, while some homeowners may be tempted to just rent a large dumpster and throw away the things they don’t need, this isn’t the best idea if you’re looking to make your move eco-friendly. Instead of dumping what you don’t need, consider donating the good-quality items that you no longer need. High-quality wood furniture can last for anywhere between 10 and 15 years before it starts wearing down, whereas most sofas in the U.S. are only six years old. Consider the quality of the items you’re getting rid of, as well as their age, and check with local donation centers to see what they do and don’t accept. In some instances, you may be able to clear out a lot of what you don’t need by holding a garage sale. Getting rid of things like this can help reduce the amount of waste you’re generating, and help keep many items from ending up in your local landfill.

Dispose of Chemicals in a Green Way

While going through what you need and don’t need, you may come across some chemicals lying around your home. Things like cleaning agents, weed-killers, and paint should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way to ensure that they don’t contaminate the ecosystem in any way. This can be especially important if your current home relies on a private well for drinking water, as 13 million homes in the U.S. do, as these chemicals could leech into the ground and contaminate the water in your home.

Eco-Friendly Supplies and Packing

When packing everything up to move to your new home, it’s important to make the process as green as possible. This can be done by using pre-used supplies from friends and family or by utilizing reusable bins that you’re able to spare. If you need cardboard boxes, ask around at your local stores about picking up some of the boxes they discard from shipments, as this can allow you to get the boxes you need without needing to buy new ones. Once you’re done, you should take care to recycle these boxes. Packing supplies like plastic and packing peanuts can also be substituted with towels, blankets, dishcloths, and even clothing to help protect delicate items. This helps reduce the amount of plastic you need to use and helps give other items an additional purpose, which can save space.

Avoiding Unnecessary Trips

Although 44% of home buyers usually search for properties online, many also drive to the location for a tour. While this isn’t necessarily bad, you should try to limit the number of trips you take back and forth in order to make your move as green as possible by cutting down on fuel and emissions.

Hire Eco-Friendly Movers

If you’re planning on hiring a moving company, it could be worth looking for one that prioritizes eco-friendly practices. Companies with an emphasis on going green often know the best practices to ensure that your move is as eco-friendly as possible, which can help bring you peace of mind once you have them start taking things to your new home.

If you are moving to a new home and are concerned about your eco-impact during the process, keep these five tips in mind so that your move can be as eco-friendly as possible.

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