If you own a small commercial space, you may be ready to take it to a new level. As you achieve increased success, your business space should reflect that. Here are some ideas for updates to help you attract more customers and highlight your professionalism.

Plant Flowers

Flowers always bring life and beauty anywhere you plant them. Flowers come in many species, and some have scents while some don’t. There’s a range of colors and styles to please anyone. Over 70% of consumers now have a higher appreciation of flowers, a significant increase in appreciation compared to 2009. So if you want to play to your customer’s senses, plant some flower beds around your exterior. You can also have some potted plants and flower vases inside your lobby to make the office space look more comfortable.

Update Signage

Before entering your building, people should know your company’s name. The best way to do that is by updating your custom signage. Signs come in a variety of designs. Highlight your company by using signs lit up with LED lights or neon colors. You can also have signage in a parking space so people know they’re coming to the right area. Don’t forget to showcase your logo on the sign. When you take the time to update your sign, it says a lot about how well you manage your business. It’s easy to let a sign go since it’s outside; However, a bold, attractive sign can naturally pull in foot traffic.


Whether at home or in a commercial building, there’s nothing like a fresh splash of color. Even if you simply paint everything white, freshly painted walls look new and sleek and way more attractive than dirty stained ones. According to Open Door, painting your interior can result in up to a 107% return on investment. Since you’ll make all your money back by painting your building, you might as well go for it. It’s one of those rare investments you won’t lose out on. You can play it safe using neutral colors like white and beige, or you can have fun and paint colors that reflect the nature of your business. For example, if you own a tech or media company, you might feel more comfortable using bold and outrageous colors compared to a financial business.

Make Key Replacements

Regardless of how professional and successful you are, having a business that showcases dirty, outdated furniture isn’t a good look. Clients and potential employees should see modern and clean furniture that’s always comfortable to sit on. If potential employees see furniture that’s hard and uncomfortable, they may be less likely to want to work there for 8 hours or more a day. So revamp the area with ergonomic chairs, slick desks, and enough open space for people to comfortably walk around without bumping into things. Don’t stop at the interior, though. Exterior updates like a new asphalt shingle roof could bring you an ROI of about 62%.

Add a Coffee Kiosk

Everyone needs a coffee break at some point, so why not add a small coffee kiosk to your lobby area? It doesn’t have to be a big one. Just hire someone to work a small stand where employees and clients can grab a quick latte, a cup of tea, and a snack when coming in or out.

There’s so much you can do to remodel your commercial space, regardless of the size. These are just some guidelines to give you ideas to make your space as presentable as possible the minute people enter. From planting flowers to installing new furniture, you could turn your commercial space around in a small amount of time. Contact our local team today if you have any more questions about updating your building.

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