People are becoming more open to relocating as a result of different factors, including the prevalence of working remotely. If moving is an option that you can consider, then you may want to move to the cheapest state. Read on to see six of the cheapest ones so that you have a few to choose from depending not just on price but a few other factors.

1. Iowa

Iowa has an amazing job market as well as a friendly population, and this makes it an amazing state to live in because it’s also cheap. The outdoors in Iowa is also amazing and so you can enjoy spending more time outdoors, as you familiarize yourself with the environment if you move there. The sales tax is also fair, unlike in Florida where it’s 6%. Great education means that there’s a high literacy rate and you will give your children an amazing place to grow if you have any by moving to Iowa with them.

2. Oklahoma

Oklahoma is another beautiful and cheap state to think about moving to thanks to its extremely low home prices. It also has a healthy economy and many job opportunities as well as a wide range of cities in which you can choose to live. Whether you want to enjoy living in a small town or prefer big city living, you can find a viable option that will tick all your boxes and also be affordable.

3. Indiana

In Indiana, you will enjoy low-cost groceries and affordable housing, as well as the thrill of living in the midwest. The economy is currently thriving and you can find some amazing schools as well, so education and a good job are practically promised in Indiana. You can find a new house or an older one, as according to Comfy Living, over 50% of houses in America were built before 1980, and there are bound to be more than a few of these in each state. You can secure your personal finance by moving to this state where life is affordable and comfortable.

4. Georgia

Apart from being extremely affordable, Georgia also has a number of cities and towns that are great for raising a family. These make it possible for you to cut back on your living costs and enjoy a better future for your personal finance. The strong job market and affordable houses are just a few of the main reasons why you may want to consider calling Georgia home along with a number of residents who have recently moved there.

5. Alabama

Alabama offers affordable housing on top of warm weather and amazing Southern hospitality, so if these are all things you want, this is the state to move to. Here, you can get a better command of your personal finance and secure a bright future for your family if you have one. Legal Zoom shares that 77% of adults in America believe everyone should prioritize estate planning, regardless of their wealth. Living in Alabama could enable you to plan your estate and live a life that’s comfortable and enjoyable for you.

6. Mississippi

Last but not least is Mississippi, which is hands-down the cheapest state to live in at the moment. The low cost of living is combined with warm weather and amazing outdoor recreational activities that you’re bound to enjoy. As a newcomer, you will be blown away by everything that this beautiful state has to offer.

Pick one out of these six affordable states and make plans to call it home. When you do, you may improve your life in ways that you didn’t even know that you could in your current state, and this is an investment that your future self will thank you for.

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