Though, for many people, parenting could be regarded as a full-time job, some people still need to remain in employment in order to help them pay the bills. But, there’s no denying that some jobs are not suitable for modern parents. As such, this article will list a number of lucrative jobs that are perfect for working parents.

1. Healthcare Worker

Since the events of the Coronavirus pandemic, our society is relying on healthcare workers more than ever. But, now that these demands are so high, many hospitals and urgent care centers are constantly on the lookout for new workers to join their teams. In fact, PR Newswire found that a nurse practitioner was the most popular job role of 2024. Not to mention, these workers are often associated with intense responsibilities, making it a perfect role for those who are eager to gain more power and influence in their next role. Moreover, Sharps Medical Waste Services informs us that establishments that do not follow strict nonhazardous waste protocols face fines of up to $37,500, meaning that this is definitely a role for those who like to follow the rules. In turn, this is a fantastic employment opportunity for those who want to use their well-earned parenting skills to care for other vulnerable people in their community.

2. Construction Worker

If you like working with your hands, you’re probably best suited to be a construction worker. These individuals tend to work in an assortment of unique sectors and typically focus on a range of different tasks, such as bricklaying, masonry, and scaffolding. Therefore, many people are free to enjoy a job that adheres to their passions as well as suits their needs and schedules as parents. Plus, Zippia states that 2.9% of the U.S. population is employed in the construction industry, which equals out to around 7.8 million people. As such, this statistic leads us to believe that most people will not struggle to find a satisfying job in this particular sector. You don’t have to be particularly handy in order to work in the wider circles of the construction industry, as there is a collection of suitable jobs linked to these sectors. For example, Career Fitter highlights that a light truck driver has the potential to earn $75,000 a year, making it a prosperous role for those who want to earn a lot of money whilst still completing all of their usual parenting responsibilities.

3. Virtual Assistant

Research suggests that although a large portion of jobs are posted online, 80% of these roles are not uploaded to online recruitment platforms. Therefore, you may have to go job-hunting the old-fashioned way if you’re keen to find a new job that revolves around your parenting life. This can be a particularly useful experience for parents who don’t consider themselves to be very tech-savvy and would rather get a more personal feel for their potential new role. However, if you’re the type of parent who is keen to show off their technical skills, you may benefit from becoming a virtual assistant. These workers typically deal with a ton of online administration tasks, so it’s unlikely that you’ll need a college degree to secure this type of job. Newsweek also notes that these employees can earn up to $51,000, which can be suitable for those who also want to work from home and set their own schedules.

Being a parent has its own issues, but finding a job that suits these demands shouldn’t be one of them. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world, so it’s imperative that your employer understands these struggles and works with you to provide the best support possible. Thus, if you’re looking for a career change as a parent, consider looking into some of the roles discussed throughout this article.

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