If you have an aging parent in your life, you may worry about their safety all too often. With winter upon us, your worries may be deepening. How can you ensure their safety when they don’t live with you? If your parent or parents live on their own, you can add a few key features to their home and property that’ll increase safety and give you peace of mind. Here are some features to consider.

A Fence

According to Grand View Research, the fencing market size in the United States was valued at $8.3 billion in 2019. Furthermore, it is anticipated to register a compound annual growth rate of nearly 5% from 2020 to 2027. Why are so many people getting fences for their residential and commercial properties?

Safety and privacy are two key reasons why people get fencing. If you get a fence installed around your parents’ property, they’ll be well-protected from trespassers and animals. Plus, no one can peak into their home or set foot on their property without notice. If your parents have a pet, it will greatly benefit from a fence as well.

A Ramp

Especially in the winter months, stairs can be dangerous. Weather conditions can greatly affect how slippery stairs can be, and you don’t want your aging parents to fall while walking up the stairs to their own home. In fact, aside from those who use a wheelchair, almost 12 million people use canes, walkers, or crutches on a daily basis. If your parents are part of this group, a ramp can greatly benefit their property and the safety it offers.

With a variety of ramps out there to choose from, you can help your aging parents select a ramp that fits physically and aesthetically with their home. You can also look into repair assistance programs that help build safety features for older folks’ homes in your community.

Appliances With Timers

Are you worried your parents will leave an appliance on and forget about it? This kind of forgetfulness can be a major hazard and even a fire safety issue. To ease your mind, you and your parents can pick out a whole new set of appliances that have timer features. This way, your parents will have an excuse to upgrade their kitchen and laundry room. Plus, you can rest assured that the timer will turn off appliances that were forgetfully left on during the day or overnight.

Bathroom Safety Features

Older people can easily fall if the right safety features are not in place. This is especially true for bathrooms. To enhance safety in your older parents’ bathrooms, add:

  • Railings
  • Safety/grab bars behind the toilet and in the shower
  • Rubber mats to the shower and on the floor in front of the sink
  • A walk-in shower
  • A raised toilet seat with handlebars
  • Nightlights

These bathroom features will help reduce the risk of falling or slipping and suffering from an injury.

Consider Hiring a Home Health Aide for Daily Check-Ins

Did you know that four out of five older adults will battle at least one chronic condition or illness? Heart disorders, arthritis, and osteoporosis are common. Plus, 50% of older adults will battle at least two! If your aging parent has a chronic condition or illness, you should consider hiring a home health aide.

Home health aides can check in on your parents daily. They will ensure their medications are taken on time, that they eat healthy snacks and meals, and that their home is safe, hazard-free, and clean.

If you have aging parents in your life who live in their own home, it’s time to consider these important safety features. By adding a fence, a ramp, appliances with timers, and bathroom safety features, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing it’s much less likely your mom or dad will fall. If you invest in Old American insurance as well, you should have much more peace of mind with their living situation. You may be able to get help funding these projects as well. With the help of a home health aide, too, you can spend time with your parents and have fun rather than worry about their safety and well-being.

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