You and your spouse are having a very tough time together and are seriously considering divorce. Why not consider fighting for your marriage instead? These self-care tips help make this process simpler and easier for you, your partner, and your children. While staying together may be a tough decision for many people, doing so may be the best choice that you end up making in your life.

It May Be Better for Parents

While most people worry about children when divorcing, parents often struggle just as much. That’s because parents emotionally bond with their children by interacting with them and having fun. Unfortunately, ending a marriage often causes a one-sided custody situation. So unless you feel your child is unsafe with their other parent, it may be worth fighting for your marriage even through tough times.

For example, when fathers don’t live with their children, they rarely get to see them. Studies have found that only 22% of all fathers who live away from their children see them more than once a week. That kind of separation is not easy for many parents to handle and can be very challenging. However, by staying together, you can help minimize the emotional struggles both fathers and mothers feel in this situation.

It Could Help Children

The cliché of ‘staying together for the children’ is sometimes a reality. Children need the support of multiple parents to feel happy and healthy. However, living with just one for most of their life – up to 277 days out of a year in many divorce cases – may make it harder for them to connect with their non-custodial parent. It may also put a strain on their understanding of their other parent or cause a disconnect.

This type of emotional struggle is something that will impact a child for many, many years. So unless your marriage is physically or emotionally abusive, and you feel like you’re in danger, it is likely worth fighting to save it. Remember – there was something you loved about your partner, and that love may still be there. It will take a lot of time and energy to find it again in some cases, but it may be worth it for your sake and your children.

It May Protect Your Finances

Separating your finances after a divorce is majorly challenging. For one thing, you’ll have only your money to pay your bills and may run into tax troubles. As a result, many people find that fighting to stay together makes more sense emotionally and financially.

For instance, your will might be affected by your divorce, and if you’re under 40 and don’t have one, you might want to write one to protect your finances. By keeping your finances focused in this way, you can minimize the complications you may otherwise experience.

It Could Make You Happier

Lastly, divorce is such an emotionally complex process that many people never recover. Instead, some people prefer the family atmosphere created by keeping their marriage together. So even if it is a struggle to get along with your spouse, it may be worth going to counseling together.

There’s a good chance that you’ll end up getting to know them better and understanding their wants and needs. And you can more easily get to the root of your struggles. When you figure out these problems, you may be able to salvage your marriage if these concerns aren’t too serious.

Simple self care tips like these provide you with the kind of long-term help needed to avoid serious divorce issues. But, just as importantly, it can keep your children safe and give them the support they need during a challenging period. So get ready to fight for your marriage and make yourself happy. Even if it doesn’t seem like it is worth it at first, you might be surprised at how these self care tips help.

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